January 1, 2005 Volume 1 Issue 1


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Experts: Frescoes may not be by da Vinci

FLORENCE, Italy - One of the world's leading specialists on Leonardo da Vinci cast doubt Saturday that fading frescoes in forgotten rooms of a Florentine convent might be the work of the Renaissance master or that of his pupils in the early 1500s.

Treasures of jazz world hit the auction block next month

NEW YORK — A treasure trove of jazz memorabilia — including saxophones that belonged to Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie's trumpet and a gown that Peggy Lee wore when she sang Fever — will go on the auction block next month.



A Bok Fellow: Works by Hal McIntosh
Location: Maitland Art Center
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A Natural Response: The Art of M.M. Pipkin
Location: Museum of Arts and Sciences
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Acquisition Trust 20th Anniversary Exhibition
: Orlando Museum of Art
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American Indian Ledger Art: From the Collection of I.S.K. Reeves V and Sara W. Reeves
: The Mennello of American Art Museum
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Carnival Glass from the Morse Collection - mass-produced, pressed galss with iridescent surfaces
Location: Morse Museum of Art
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This week meet our spotlight artist, Shelagh Inglesby. Shelagh, 34, has been an artist since she was able to pick up crayons, sometimes drawing on walls or in books to her parents dismay. She won her first art contest at seven years of age and since then has won other local and national competitions. More...


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